Hi!  I’m Raine Shakti and I’d like to welcome you to Midwives of Change (MOC).  MOC is full of information to help you make positive changes in your life or to deal with the devastating effects of divorce, job loss, or other unexpected changes in your life.

I’ve been fascinated by the change process since my early 20s and I even wrote a book called The Portable Coach to help people make positive changes in their lives.  Unfortunately, like many young people I could understand the intellectual side of change, but didn’t really have a handle on the emotional side of change because I hadn’t truly lived.  In the years since I wrote my first book, I’ve become a true student of change intellectually, emotionally, and professionally.

My interest in change has been channeled into organizational change management for the past 10 years where I’ve been helping the people who work for large corporations through major changes.  I’ve trained people, I’ve listened to their concerns, and I’ve helped them accept the changes that are coming to their jobs.  Through my job I’ve had the opportunity to read a lot of material about change and how people change.

I’ve also read a whole lot of self help books and a lot of them contain great information, but some of it isn’t very practical for people who have to get up every morning, feed the kids, and get themselves off to work every day.  Other ideas were practical, but difficult to implement without a support group.  I’ve also taken online classes on self help and realized that the ones that I got the most out of were ones that offered a support structure such as a Facebook group or another online support system.

It was my separation and ensuing divorce that gave me the best education possible in change though as I was forced to reconfigure my entire life and to deal with feelings of loss, grief, and shame while trying to support myself and provide emotional support for my kids.  It was the most difficult and challenging period of my life and I wouldn’t wish the pain I went through in my worst enemy, but it was also one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received as it truly helped me to change and grow into a better person.  I also met some amazing people along the way who truly helped me grow and change.

I realized that I wanted to be able to provide that same support to other people as they went through difficult experiences in their lives and Midwives of Change was born.   My vision for MOC is for it to be a place where people who are experiencing change or who are choosing to make positive changes in their lives can come to find articles on change, links to other sites, referrals to experts, and classes to help guide people through change.  I’ve also created a Facebook group where I’ll be posting links to articles and where people can support one another.

My hope is that MOC will continue to grow and evolve to be a resource for people seeking to make or respond to change in their lives.

Brightest Blessings,